General Compo Guidelines

I wrote this up to make my own life a bit easier (being the webmaster of this site) and to improve the quality of compos in general - so that YOU can get the results FASTER and with LESS MISTAKES. The advices are for both participants and judges.


1. it is not difficult for you guys to save your picture either as GIF or JPEG and it simplifies my life a lot - since I don't have to do any conversions (with possible degradation of image quality) before I put your work on the web.

2. name your pictures "handle.jpg" or "handle.gif" - not "handle_compotopic.gif" or something like that. This reduces the number of possible errors errors during judges.

3. please keep the size of your picture down - at least less than 640x480. This is for two reasons: one is the amount of diskspace, and two is that shareware Alchemy does not process the pics larger than that. (I use Alchemy to do the conversions and thumbnails)


1. If some one did not follow the naming conventions I meantioned above could you please name the files properly yourself before mailing the results to me?

2. When creating the results.txt please follow the following format:

//name of the compo:
30min pixel compo, 30min trace compo, etc.//
"//compo topic//"
//Names of all people
	who participated in the judging//

1. handle
2. handle
3. handle

Comment: //any additional comments//

(this is for convenience of the people who download the archive and also makes it easier for me to create the gallery)

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