After being removed from the front page the news get here.

New compo happened, leech the pics and results at the gallery

Fixed the broken links on the tools section.

Just making the yearly update. Catch ps online to update/add your dudes info.

Well, it looks like we are not completely dead yet ;). ps/cdx is joining me to help keep the pages alive!

30 minute compo, topic "What is an Oldskooler?".

Audiophonik Banner Compo results!

30 minute compo, topic "The Train".

Audiophonik Banner Compo is over! Results coming soon.

Audiophonik Banner Compo dead line is closing up (one week from now) - submit your entry today!
Even if you don't win, your name will be shown on this page - with a link to your site!

One more little tool on Tools page.

One gfx person needed on Jobs page. By the way - I didn't keep up that page for a while, but starting now I will again. So of you are an artist who wants to get some practice or just have some spare time on you hands - it's for you ;).

#pixel is back! although some were already getting used to #pixel2 - pretending that it meant pixel2000 ;).

Well, it's 2000 now, and the world is still here! - it's a bit weird though to say "last century" or "last millenium" about something that has happened a couple of years or even months ago ;].

On a sadder note - #pixel channel became a victim of a takeover - so please use #pixel2 for now.
Logs removed due to old age.

Even more dudes added, and I won't even mention it anymore, you can expect the dude list being updated everytime there are news on this page.

30min compo archive - "Second day hangover".

30min compo - "Y2K hangover".

Rejoice! New version of Grafx 2 has come out! Check it out from the Tools page.

30min compo - "X-mas pixel".

Audiophonik Banner Compo <<
Draw/pixel a banner and win Audiophonik scene audio CD compilation!

I finally took time to sort through the Dudes list - it's now sorted alphabeticaly. I hope it's better that way.

"Tmk's sister" 30min compo archive added to galleries.

Dude list updated. Again ;). Compo archive added.

Hey, anyone can write a little proggie to sort the dudes list based on Handle? A simple batch is needed - no cgi. It's becoming too long and messy to be of any use.

Dude list updated. Two compo archives added.

After a long break Psychic Symphony organised a 30 min compo! get the zip!

GFX ZONE is back up again! Sometimes it will give you a DNS lookup failure, but occasionaly it will even connect and show you the site! Hopefuly this small glitch will be fixed soon.

Even more dudes were added to the #pixel Dudes page.

New section added - Jobs. If you are an artist and looking for some interesting project check it out!

A couple more dudes were added to the #pixel Dudes page. Hmm.. I really need to sort the list - otherwise it's too large to be of any use ;).

Lots of suble changes to the site - spelling corrections, more dudes, some fixed links.

Take a look at the latest compo #32 from 'galleries'. Right now it's only a zip.

I decided to have tutorials for beginners on this site. If you also can write a tutorial for any kind of image creation please mail me. Here is an example tutorial by me.

If any girls or women happen to walk by this site - all best wishes to you on the 8th of March - the Women Day!

Renamed the 'Downloads' section to the 'Tools' section. And added another tool there.

This site got completely redesigned. ALL the graphics were pixeled in Grafx 2.
New stuff:

'tools' pages
'compos' page broken down into two: 'galleries' and 'compos'

'galleries' page will stay empty for some time until I convert old galleries into a new format.

NEWS ARCHIVE (very old stuff)

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